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Set during the 3rd battle on Geonosis

Aayla Secura has taken an unplanned, unortherised trip back to Ryloth, to check on her little sister, Numa, the same little Twi'lek girl Waxer and Boil took care of during the retaking of Nabat (not that they knew this).

Unbeknown to Aayla or the rest of the Jedi, there is civil unrest on Ryloth; many blame the Republic for continuing fighting and consequently getting their families killed. They don’t like Jedi, even if they are Rutian.

Just as she’s turning the corner to her uncle-by-marriage’s house, she’s attacked, drugged and dragged away to the rebel’s base (the same place Syndulla’s rebellion used). There, they place a Force-suppressing collar around her neck, blocking any chances she has of escape.

Over the next week, she is raped and tortured by the rebels (none of them using protection, even one of her childhood friends rapes her), until the last person she expected to come turns up to rescue her: Asajj Ventress, now a bounty hunter/smuggler.

Ventress, having sensed Aayla’s pain and fear, cuts her way through the guards with brutal efficiency to the room where the captive Jedi is being held. Ventress cuts the collar and chains off, covers Aayla’s naked, bruised body with her cloak and lifts her into a cradle carry, using the Force to wield her lightsabers, pulling Aayla’s to her hip.

Once back on Ventress’ ship, a decent-sized frigate, and having put it into hyperspace, Aayla goes into shock and Ventress takes care of her, holding her, singing soft songs to her, while cleaning her welts and cuts, putting bacta bandages on her wounds etc.

After Aayla comes too, she starts trying to fight Ventress, only for Ventress to dodge instead of attacking back and then lightly restrain her, promising she will never hurt another Jedi as long as she lives. Aayla reluctantly agrees to a truce until Ventress drops her off at the nearest Republic outpost, which is 3 days away.

Unfortunately, during the trip to Naboo, Aayla becomes sick every few hours. Asajj, worried for her passenger, switches on the medical droid, who tells the shocked pair that Aayla is a week pregnant (not much is known about Twi’lek pregnancies, so I’m making this up as I go).

Aayla, not knowing about the changes in the Order, decides to go into hiding until the baby is born. Asajj, feeling for the Twi’lek woman, offers her help to protect her and her child. Aayla, shocked at this soft side of her former enemy, accepts but on the condition that Asajj keep her lightsabers locked away. Asajj reluctantly agrees.
When they gets to Naboo, Asajj pays for an expensive, out-of-the-way house in the Lake Country where she and Aayla can hide until the baby is born, locking her lightsabers away in a box.

Over the next few months, Aayla and Asajj grow closer, becoming close friends, sharing memories, secrets and hopes. Asajj starts falling hard for the kind, beautiful Twi’lek but hides it, fearing she’ll scare her away, not knowing Aayla is struggling with the same feelings.

A week before Aayla’s daughter is due, a contingent of Separatist droids lands to try another invasion. Even though she’s heavily pregnant, Aayla follows a peeved Asajj into battle, fighting back to back with her love until she’s hit in the shoulder. Asajj, seeing her love fall, calls upon her rage and decimates the remaining droids with a powerful blast of Force Push. Aayla, seeing the rage in her love’s eyes, scrambles up and yells Asajj’s name, then, when she turns, Aayla kisses her, softly, lovingly.

Asajj, feeling the love pouring through the bond, kisses back, murmuring her undying love and devotion, letting her rage go. Just then, Aayla’s waters break and she goes into labour.

Asajj, panicking slightly, coms the midwife droid but it’s been shot. Aayla, having delivered a child before, twice, calms her down and starts talking her through the process. Within 2 hours, her daughter is born, blue skin, two head-tails, ten fingers, ten toes but her eyes are grey.

Asajj, holding her love’s baby in her arms, cries happy tears before passing Aayla her daughter and pulling a small, velvet box from the nearby house, dropping to one knee. She makes the sweetest of proposals before opening the box and asking a stunned Aayla to marry her. Before Aayla can answer, a voice sounds behind her, telling her to say ‘yes’.
Aayla turns to be confronted by former Jedi Master Bota Shan, the last living descendant of Master Bastila Shan, who quit the Jedi after being kicked off the Council. Aayla bows respectfully before whispering into Asajj’s ear, ‘yes, I will be your wife’.
Bota smiles before doing a Force charm on Asajj and Aayla’s clothes and marries them then and there with her ancestors being the witnesses.

Months pass as the pair grow ever deeper in love with each other and their daughter, Aayla teaching Asajj the ways of the Jedi Order and completing what her Master left unfinished.

Months later, Obi-Wan turns up with news of Savage Opress and requests Asajj’s help ending his and his brother’s threat
Padawan Found side story prompt
I need someone to write this out in full as my talents lie in plot writing. All I ask is you contact me before starting if you're interested
Must be in past tense and explicit in the sex scenes
Need to read colbert-238 's Padawan Found  before writing to gain knowledge of the universe this is set in

Thank you for reading my idea and I hope to hear from you ;)


Bobby Drake
United Kingdom


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